Fresh Fruits, Veggies, Free-Range Eggs, Cut Flowers and Pastured Meats!

Naturally Grown Coming Spring 2011!


Welcome to Shiloh Farm!  We’re a small, family owned farm located in the beautiful countryside of West Tennessee.  We plant some of the most delicious varieties of produce, wash them clean, chill them and bring them right to your neighborhood farmer’s market!  You can also come and buy directly from our farm.  We look forward to supplying food to your table starting this spring! 

We also have pastured raised poultry, sheep, pigs and Thanksgiving  turkeys as well as fresh eggs. 

We firmly believe in the benefits of locally grown food.  Be a part of a seasonal cooking and eating adventure like you have never imagined.

What’s it all about?

· Naturally Grown

· Selected for Flavor

· Farm Fresh

· Handled with Care

· Grown Locally

· Long Growing Season

· Great Quality

· Washed and Cooled

West Tennessee, Near Memphis


13370 Highway 193

Williston, TN 38076


Call: (901) 813 - 8014



To contact us:

Why locally grown?


- Supporting organic agriculture

- Dollars in the local economy

- Knowing where your food is grown

- Eating healthier meals

- Connecting to the seasons through food

- Encouraging respect for environment

- Being a creative, adventurous cook

- Partnering with farmers



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