Shiloh Farm is located on the Obey River in eastern Overton County, Tennessee.  We raise a variety of organically grown vegetables, fruits, flowers, and livestock.

We are committed to being good stewards of the land, meaning NO GMO's, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.  Our fertility comes from compost, cover crops, rock powders, and the integration of livestock into the farm.  Our goal is to increase the fertility of our fields over time, maintain plant and animal diversity, and grow food in a way that sustains and builds healthy ecosystems.  As farmers have known for a long time (and science is now able to measure), it is not people who grow food but the interaction of invisible forces and microscopic creatures.  We work with this environment to grow healthy, vibrant, and nutrient-rich food.

In 2019 we are focusing our attention to certain crops that we love to grow, and that do well on our farm. These are sweet onions, garlic, potatoes, carrots, strawberries, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet corn, butternut and delicata squash.

Look for plenty of these items available from us this year at the Downtown Green Market!

Meet the Farmers

*Photo by Sindy Hankins

*Photo by Sindy Hankins


Luke and Meghan did not grow up in Tennessee, and neither grew up farming.  Meghan is from Michigan and Luke is from Indiana.

Luke took an interest in agriculture after a college course in the Sociology of Food.  He realized that there is nothing more important that the quality of our food.  The way it is produced and makes its way to us determines the health of our bodies and our environment.  He was determined to get involved, then found out he loved the physical and mental work of being a farmer.  He gained knowledge and experience by working on various organic farms throughout the country, from Vermont to Seattle, WA. The most recent was a vegetable farm in Nashville, TN.  After almost 10 years of studying and learning by doing, he was ready to start his own farm.

Meghan took an interest in Luke, and he in her.  Before long, she was being subjected to all of Luke's "ideas," thoughts, and ramblings about farming.  Although she studied ceramics in college, her love of food and connection to the land really took hold after moving to our farm. Working in the gardens and taking care of animals gave her a new appreciation for great food and the connections it provides to the community.

Meghan started baking bread in 2017 to sell alongside our vegetables, and we soon realized she is a gifted baker. Maybe her ceramics skills transfer to bread, or maybe she’s a natural. Either way, Cookeville is lucky to have access to excellent artisan bread and other baked goods available at the Downtown Green Market as well as our nutrient-dense produce!