Colder Weather Equals Sweeter Vegetables

As the nights keep getting colder, certain vegetables keep getting sweeter.  This sweetness is actually a defense mechanism for the plant against cold temperatures--converting starches into sugars makes their sap more viscous and less susceptible to freezing.  We reap the benefits of sweeter vegetables.  It reminds us of the importance of growing plants when they  want to grow.  It makes our job easier, and food grown in season just tastes right.


We are stocking up on some supplies to extend our season a little bit and get things prepared for next years gardens.  We are going to try to grow a late planting of beets, carrots and radishes by placing metal hoops over the crops and covering with a row cover held down by sandbags.  It could be enough help to get a crop when otherwise it would be killed by frost.

We also picked up some minerals to ammend our soil with.  We apply rock powders that provide long-term release of organic nutrients to our crops.  These nutrients become available to the plants after being biologically activated by a soil ecosystem.  It takes a whole world of activity to break down rock into a plant-available nutrient.  Luckily, if the farmer can set up the right conditions, microbes and micro-organisms do this work on their own.