A Recipe Round-Up

Hi there, friend! This week we've decided to do a little recipe round-up. With each item on our harvest list this week, you'll find a link to a recipe idea(s). Use the recipe itself or as in inspiration, enjoy yourself with these yummy summer gems from our garden to your table!

photo: floatingkitchen.net

photo: floatingkitchen.net

This week on the harvest list:

  • tomatoes - a rustic French-style tomato tart
  • potatoes - a gallery full of comforting tater recipes
  • fresh black eyed peas - shell these and use them in a stir-fry or the salad in the link
  • onions - caramelized onions, mmmm
  • sweet peppers - how bout these hearty, yummy stuffed sweet peppers for dinner?
  • cucumbers - a refreshing Asian cucumber salad
  • fresh basil pesto - dancing in our seats, 28 delicious ways to use fresh pesto!!
  • okra - homemade fried okra with fresh okra from the garden is uh-may-zing

See you soon everybody, let us know what you're going to cook first!